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Newsletter: January 2019

Winter! The cool and wet weather along with school recess at Pacific Beach High School and PREPARE make this a relatively slow time of year at City Farm SO.


After clearing and composting what was left of our fall harvest, students planted seeds and starts for the new year's cold weather crops. Before they left for the recess, cauliflower, broccoli, peas, lettuce, spinach and carrots gave promise of future bounty.


Great White Egret
Pest Control Thanks to a Great White Egret

Winter didn't reduce the activity of ground squirrels and gophers in our neighborhood, and we continue experimenting with different types of traps to control them: Squirrelinator, Gopherhawk, Boxtrap and Maccabi. It was quite a surprise to discover that we have an ally in this effort in the form of a Great White Egret.

Progress also was made during December toward the completion of the Cob House at Our Global Family Garden.

Work continues on preparation for the coming seasons with planning for future projects at City Farm. One is the proposal to erect a small solar panel array to defray the considerable costs of the irrigation pump's electric power.

Another is a long overdue effort to simplify our identity by dropping the "Central Coast Grown" brand and using only "City Farm SLO." This also involves changing our website and newsletter formats, a project now underway.

Finally, City Farm SLO welcomes another new Board member. Kayla Rutland joins our team after having participated regularly in work parties and hosting the corn roast event at the Fall Harvest Festival. Kayla works as a Health Education Specialist for the County of SLO and holds a B.S. in Nutritional Science from the University of Connecticut with a Minor in Sustainable Crop Production and has training in Garden-Based Education from One Cool Earth and Life Lab.



CANCELLED | due to rain and mud until further notice

For the whole story in pictures, check out our Flickr site and/or our Instagram feed.

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