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Lease Farmland at City Farm SLO

All of our land is currently under lease (updated February 2023). Sign up for our waiting list here.  


Benefits to leasing farmland from within the City Farm SLO include:

  • Prime farmland, cover-cropped and row-cropped for at least the last five years

  • Reliable water supply: an agricultural well and pump with 300 GPM, 80 PSI capacity, with high flow and low flow irrigation systems

  • Easy access from Highway 101

  • Public recognition through City Farm's outreach, marketing and programming efforts

  • Collaborative environment/network of tenant farmers at City Farm SLO


These factors will be considered when evaluating applications to lease land: 

  • Farm products: Fruit and vegetable production will be given priority. Animal husbandry will be accepted as part of a holistic farming approach and/or educational program.

  • Farming practices. While we will not require organic certification, the site must be managed in such a way so as to not preclude future tenants from acquiring certification.

  • Experience and financial solvency. Farming know-how, plausible business plan and demonstrated ability to pay rent in a timely manner.

  • Public engagement. Comfort with or interest in the public’s engagement with educational programming organized by City Farm SLO.​

  • Preference will be given to applicants that identify as belonging to a socially disadvantaged group, beginning farmer, or small-scale farmer (ie: you are not farming land elsewhere). 

The available acreage is irrigated Class One and Class Two farmland located within the city limits of San Luis Obispo,
California. The address of the property (no mail service) is 1221 Calle Joaquin. The farm is intended for row crops with the possibility for perennial plantings and animal husbandry. The property has been cover cropped and farmed without chemical additives quite a few years.

This property is part of the Calle Joaquin Agricultural Reserve Open Space owned by the City of San Luis Obispo. City Farm SLO, a small non-profit organization, has secured the master lease agreement for this site and manages all
relations with the city. Consequently, the lease agreement for this farmland will exist solely between the farmer and City Farm SLO.

The sixteen-acre Reserve is intended for both agricultural production and education, and the public will occasionally be on portions of the Reserve adjacent to the farmland. Approximately one acre of the Reserve is dedicated full-time to educational purposes and programs, and the other fifteen acres are leased out to tenant farmers.


lease prime ag land at city farm slo

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