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Youth Empowerment Program


About YEP

City Farm SLO's 'Youth Empowerment Program' was piloted in April 2021 and 5 Cohorts of students have graduated from the program to date. 

YEP provides exceptional leadership development opportunities to teens of all backgrounds through career/college readiness workshops and technical instruction in regenerative agriculture.

Workshops are offered bilingually in English and Spanish and cover topics such as SMART Goals, resume writing, interview skills, public speaking, health & nutrition, and agricultural career exploration including DEI in agriculture.

Students earn $200 for their participation in 8 sessions. Upon graduation, students are eligible to apply for a paid Summer Farming Internship at City Farm SLO. 

Through the Youth Empowerment Program, students develop skills and knowledge necessary for healthy and successful futures.

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What We Do


Educational Workshops

Workshops cover these topics:


financial literacy


Ag career exploration

college knowledge


STAR interviews

public speaking

health & nutrition

DE&I in Agriculture


Farming Activities

On the 1.25-acre YEP field, students learn regenerative agriculture practices and techniques:

soil preparation





irrigation management

pest management

field & food safety


Hannah V.
Fall '21 Cohort

The thing I enjoyed the most about YEP was being outside. It was all a great learning opportunity, not only learning about farming, but also about life skills. I'll apply that to my life getting jobs and living a healthy life


Emma M.
Spring '21 Cohort

My favorite farming activity was planting because I got to learn how to transplant and how the irrigation system works.


Sophia G.
Fall '21 Cohort

My favorite workshop has been about compartmentalization

because I learned that I can balance my fun, my priorities, and my work all together. 


Ava A.
Summer '21 Cohort

My favorite workshop was the public speaking one because it helped me feel more confident in a group

YEP students gather for 8 sessions that are conducted during Summer months, Mondays - Thursdays, 9 AM - 1 PM. 


Ninety minutes of each session is devoted to farming activities and field instruction. Students earn $200 for their work. 


Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to apply for a paid summer farm internship that strengthens their skills and knowledge,

as well as co-facilitate the summer cohort.

Meet the YEP Team


Isaac Lopez

YEP Facilitator


Lauren Picone

Farm Education Coordinator

SUMMER 2024 YEP is Full - join our waitlist 

Summer '21 Cohort
Summer '21 Cohort
Fall '21 Cohort

Meet our 2021 YEP Graduates!

Pilot Cohort: Adolfo De Dios, Ander Ortiz, Carlos Temiz, Emma Murguia, Emmanuel De Dios, Griffin Lucier, Heriberto Méndez, Jairo Rojas Ortiz, Jose Becerra, Juaquin Hernandez, Lucas Fisher, Mateo Trujillo, Natalya Tamayo, Nathaly Aguilar, Yahir Chavez, Yareli Méndez, Zaidad Castellanos

Summer Cohort: Ava Afsari, Axyri Perez, Chelsea Nava, Daniel J. Nava Rojas, Eden Blakeney, Ella Bettencourt, Emily White, Kai Tabata, Lindy Salmon, Miguel Nunez, Peter Trigueiro, Rosalva Farias, Shelby Barrett, Ziona Xzyntua

Fall Cohort: Aaliyah Francesca Corbitt, Alma Tinoco Juarez, Chelsea Johnson, Ella Vowell, Hannah Van Doren, James Gregory, Sophiana Garza

Are you a past YEP Graduate?

Apply for Our SUMMER 2023 Regenerative farming internship!

Thanks to our Program Sponsors: 

Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation, County of San Luis Obispo, Marx City Farm Education Fund, and Private Donors. 

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