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Therapeutic Horticulture

Since 2013, City Farm SLO has partnered with San Luis Coastal Unified School District to offer Therapeutic Horticulture programming. 

Students enrolled in Therapeutic Horticulture participate in farm-based lessons aimed at improving task initiation, language skills, following directions, and social skills. Students learn to problem solve, work independently and in groups. This program currently serves Middle Schoolers and young adults with disabilities. 


The Benefits

A wealth of research links therapeutic horticulture sessions to improvements in mental well-being, physical health, social self-efficacy, and quality of life for people with disabilities. Our program gives students the opportunity to enjoy nature-based physical activity that can help improve their coordination, balance, and endurance. 

Our Goal

The goal of City Farm SLO’s Therapeutic Horticulture program aligns with that of SLCUSD; to encourage and facilitate each student to become all that he/she is capable of being through the highest quality programs and services in the least restrictive environments possible.To learn more about community-based instruction at City Farm SLO, click the link below to watch a fun video by Clare Nowel.


A Garden for All

Students in our programs have diverse needs, and much of our farm is currently inaccessible to individuals with disabilities. A Garden For All is a fully accessible garden and our first step as part of a larger effort to increase universal accessibility farm-wide. 

Thanks to our program sponsors:

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