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Looking at Crops

Virtual Field Trips

Bring City Farm SLO to your classroom with video lessons and supplemental materials. ​

15-Minute video lessons are paired with lesson plans, handouts, and visual aides - all linked to CA Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. To access these FREE materials, email us at or fill out the contact form below. 

Food Crops on the Farm 

Kindergarten & First Grade 

On this virtual field trip students will view a variety of
vegetable crops noting the above and below ground
structures that help plants survive.

VFT picture.PNG

Life Cycles (Pollination) 

Second & Third Grade  

On this virtual field trip students will learn about pollination and will analyze the body features of different pollinators! 

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 3.55.34 PM.png

Earth Materials (Soils) 

Fourth & Fifth Grade 

On this virtual field trip, students will investigate compost and its relationship to energy and nutrients on a farm and beyond. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 4.12.22 PM.png

Carbon Farming 

Middle & High School 

***Coming Soon*** 

Nothing compares to on-farm learning...

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