Looking at Crops

Virtual Field Trips

Bring City Farm SLO to your classroom with video lessons and supplemental materials. ​

15-Minute video lessons are paired with lesson plans, handouts, and visual aides - all linked to CA Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. To access these FREE materials, email us at programs@cityfarmslo.org or fill out the contact form below. 

Food Crops on the Farm 

Kindergarten & First Grade 

On this virtual field trip students will view a variety of
vegetable crops noting the above and below ground
structures that help plants survive.

VFT picture.PNG

Life Cycles (Pollination) 

Second & Third Grade  

***Coming Soon*** 

Earth Materials (Soils) 

Fourth & Fifth Grade 

***Coming Soon*** 

Carbon Farming 

Middle & High School 

***Coming Soon*** 

Nothing compares to on-farm learning...

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