Newsletter: February 2019

Weather! Ultimately, our jobs depend on the weather, as we continually rediscover at City Farm SLO. Since the beginning of this year there have only been a few days that the land could be worked and that classes could be scheduled.


Tenants Corey Richmond and Abimael Basurto managed to disk fast-growing weeds into their field before the storms returned. Javier Magana soldiers on harvesting winter crops and delivering to his appreciative local customers, even supplying greenhouse grown organic strawberries during the month of January.


Pest Control Thanks to a Great White Egret

...have been rescheduled in the last minute to take advantage of breaks in the weather or have been carried forward off-site.

PBHS Visits Avila Valley Barn

Jim Brabeck, former CEO Farm Supply Co. conducts a class

Nevertheless, on one of the few dry days, C.L. Smith first graders and their teachers crossed Prefumo Creek on an improvised bridge and arrived to learn about food parts of plants, harvest enough for a salad incorporating roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruit, and plant starts of celery and lettuce.

They were joined that day by Pacific Beach High School students who strung supports for pea-vines, weeded and mulched young brassicas and cooked new cauliflower.


RE-BRANDING & NEW WEBSITE: If all goes as planned, this will be the last newsletter you receive in this format and the beginning of our transition to a new website and organizational identity. For the last five years City Farm SLO has been known as a function of "Central Coast Grown." In the effort to clarify our mission and increase public awareness of our place-centered activities, we are dropping "Central Coast Grown" and rebranding as simply "City Farm SLO." Here's a preview of the new website.

GOING SOLAR: On February 5, City Farm SLO signed an agreement with the local company SLO Circuit Electrical to install an array of Solar Panels along our southern margin and freeway frontage. This installation will reduce the substantial cost of electricity for the irrigation pump paid by all of our farmers. It will address our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices and our mission to educate youth and engage the public in the life of an urban farm. Finally, this project on City owned land will forward San Luis Obispo's goals of promoting renewable energy and confronting anthropogenic climate change.

This project is supported by donations from SLO Circuit, Indpendent Electric Supply which is donating the PV modules, and private contributions through the Community Foundation of San Luis Obispo.

BOARD TREASURER NEEDED: Most of the work of our non-profit organizations is performed by volunteers, in particular by our working Board of Directors.

Our present dedicated Treasurer is planning on moving from the area later this year. We hope to recruit a new one as soon as possible to facilitate the transition.

Please respond to if you or someone you know is interested or would like more information.



The wet weather that forced cancellation of last month's work party continues to make us adapt. We're rescheduling this month's activity to the third Saturday, February 16, 9:00 to noon, in the hope that the ground will be dry enough. Stay tuned for confirmation or further postponement.

For the whole story in pictures, check out our Flickr site and/or our Instagram feed.

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