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2020 HOLIDAY Farm Box

  • Each box contains 10-12 seasonal varieties of fresh, City Farm veggies, grown with all organic practices. 

  • Pick up at City Farm SLO at 3-4 PM on 12/10 
    (Social distancing procedures will be in effect) No deliveries unless arranged in advance. 

  • Payment options include: 


What's in the box NovDec Holiday Box 202

"Knowing exactly where these veggies were grown and talking to the people who grew them gives you an appreciation for the food you are eating. My meals are filled with gratitude this week because of our community and you"

-Farm Box Customer

According to State and County regulations, farming, food cultivation, and produce stands are essential businesses and have been and are now allowed to remain open. (see All crop and produce handling has been done in compliance with Food Safety Standards and all workers have been trained in Covid 19 best  practices. Social distancing procedures will be in effect at pickup at City Farm.

Special thanks to our sponsor, the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation, for making the Farm Box Program possible. 

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