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Organic Vegetables

Praise for Farm Boxes

"Unboxing was loads of fun. It was so pretty, and such lovely produce, and I really like having the box contents list. I kept it on my fridge to remind me what I had."


"Very fresh and wonderful food"


"A wide variety of delicious produce!"


"Knowing exactly where these veggies were grown and talking to the people who grew them gives you an appreciation for the food you are eating. My meals are filled with gratitude this week because of our community and you."


"The variety was great, I loved that. A really nice array of items, and not an overwhelming amount of any one thing. Also, that organic methods are used in the farming."


"I like the pacing for the full subscription (which I'll likely now try to get!). We take forever to eat through stuff in our small household, so the typical weekly box experience of commercial farms is just too much for us."


What's Cooking? 


"We used the incredible heirloom tomatoes to make a pizza sauce, then added basil and sautéed kale to the top. Then sliced tomatoes on the side with a delicious kale salad! 

Oh! And we threw squash on the grill along with the pizza. So Good." 


"The salad I made using fresh cucumbers, red onion and dill, all from my box of produce from City Farms SLO, was absolutely delicious.  I added a dressing to it of rice vinegar, sour cream and salt and pepper.  Yum."


"Love starting my day with City Farm veggies! Sautéed kale goes great with a fried egg (also from the Farm!)


"This is our stir fry of the kale and summer squash with tofu and salsa, and served over rice."


"Some of the lovely tomatoes, lightly salted and eaten just as they appear!" 

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